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Cultural Candor, Inc. was established to meet the rapid rise in global demand for companies with extensive cross-cultural capabilities. We are committed to providing our clients with the all-important cultural skills, knowledge, and abilities necessary to thrive in today’s business world. Our cross-cultural capabilities follow extensive, firsthand experience in numerous countries gained primarily while living and working abroad.  Over the last several years, our team members have been responsible for increasing cultural competency among nations in multiple fields by collaborating with numerous companies and organizations.

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Our Mission

Cultural Candor
is approved by the U.S. Department of State as a leading provider of cross cultural training and consulting solutions. At Cultural Candor, we enable businesses to thrive in our globalized world by increasing cross-cultural competency and capabilities. We provide businesses with straightforward answers to complex cultural challenges through novel assessment and instruction strategies. Our innovative and highly customized cultural competency training programs are completely customized to the unique needs of our customers thus ensuring an experience that is both rewarding and educational. Our cultural cross cultural training and consulting services help businesses:

  • Increase productivity and efficiency company-wide
  • Generate greater revenue
  • Broaden profitable business relationships and clientele base
  • Maintain a significant competitive market advantage
  • Increase employee satisfaction while reducing turnover rate.

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*Upon completion of the program, each trainee will be presented with certification through Cultural Candor stating that s/he now meets the requirements necessary to be considered culturally competent.*

See our reviews: Cultural Candor | Cultural Competency Training. Average rating: 5 out of 3 reviews.

Our Team

Cultural Candor’s greatest strengths include designing innovative cultural awareness training sessions and increasing the cross-cultural competency of organizations leading to a greater level of success for our clients and their companies. Our team thrives on the enjoyment of teaching individuals and groups, both on the employee and management levels, about the rich cultures of our world and how to proficiently interact with each. We have extensive education in cross-cultural subject matter through multiple universities worldwide.  

Our team members have serviced multiple industries including:

•International Aid


All of our services are available worldwide both virtually and in-person.  To learn more about our qualifications, please contact us. We look forward to speaking with you and discussing your business’ unique cross-cultural needs.

Facts and Figures

By strengthening company-wide cultural intelligence through cross cultural training and consulting, businesses experience an average of a:

  • 30% increase in company productivity and efficiency
  • 24% increase in competitive market advantage
  • 27% increase in profit margin
  • 32% increase in international negotiation success
  • 25% increase in international clientele base
  • 30% increase in employee satisfaction
  • 15% decrease in miscommunication
  • 25% decrease in early return rates of expatriates.
(Statistics are an amalgamation of  cross-analysis between Cultural Candor’s past client  performance research using the chi-squared distribution analysis method and the following sources: Berry, John W., ed. Cross-cultural psychology: Research and applications. Cambridge University Press. Forster, Nick. “Expatriates and the impact of cross‐cultural training.” Human Resource Management Journal 10.3: 63-78. Morris, Mark A., and Chet Robie. “A meta‐analysis of the effects of cross‐cultural training on expatriate performance and adjustment.” International Journal of Training and Development 5.2 : 112-125. Waxin, Marie-France, and Alexandra Panaccio. “Cross-cultural training to facilitate expatriate adjustment: it works!.” Personnel Review 34.1: 51-67. Zakaria, Norhayati. “The effects of cross-cultural training on the acculturation process of the global workforce.” International Journal of Manpower 21.6: 492-510.)

Cross Cultural Training Services

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*The above is only a sampling of our training services and is not meant to serve as a comprehensive list.
All services are available worldwide both virtually and in-person.
Please contact us to discuss your business’ unique training needs.

Consulting Services

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*The above is only a sampling of our consulting services and is not meant to serve as a comprehensive list.
All services are available worldwide both virtually and in-person.
Please contact us to discuss your business’ unique training needs.

  • Our trainer provided us with cross-cultural know how that was not only interesting but also lead to very tangible results for our company.  Within a few short months, we increased international sales by 15%.

    William Pelletier, Leading Manufacturing Company, Canada
  • The folks at Cultural Candor conduct one heck of a cross-cultural training program.  It was both informative and entertaining.  Since the training session, our team communicates better and our efficiency has greatly increased.

    Robert Simmons, Nonprofit Organization, USA
  • Working with the Americans has always been somewhat challenging for us. Our trainer presented the differences between American and German work cultures in such a detailed and understandable manner, with great focus on behavioral cause and effect.   I finally think we have reached a sufficient level of understanding.

    Mina Braun, Large Marketing Provider, Germany
  • Negotiating across cultures was our definite weak spot, but not anymore.  International negations now flow smoothly and we have been closing more international deals than ever before.

    Mike Gibbons, Leading Tech Company, USA

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