It has been both tested and proven that cross-cultural training has the capability to generate greater revenue within international organizations. Companies that are working across time zones, cultures and borders become dependent upon the revenues that are generated from international relationships. Even for those companies not operating outside of U.S borders, employees still may frequently interact with customers, patients, or coworkers from different backgrounds of both language and culture. Therefore, it is imperative that companies provide excellent cross-cultural skill sets to all employees allowing them to work both productively and respectfully inside of a multicultural context. In fact, companies that are equipped with culturally competent staff can expect upwards of a 27% increase in profit margin.
Correlation Between Cross-Cultural Training and Increased Revenue- Cultural Candor
Multiple international organizations are now comprised of virtual teams from different parts of the world. This technological advancement, while allowing for constant communication and collaboration, can also lead to a great deal of cross cultural conflict. Project goals may not be understood in the same manner across cultures nor the developmental process of the project. However, these issues can be greatly mitigated through cross-cultural training, leading to a culturally cohesive operation in which an organization can meet, or even exceed, global revenue goals.

Cross-cultural training allows organizations to gain a superior understanding regarding the complex, multiple cultural norms, thought patterns, and perceived gender roles which often quietly permeate organizations while causing conflict of which the source is not easily identifiable. This type of training also enables employees to utilize their unique skills and competencies in a culturally competent and effective manner thus creating a more productive and profitable work environment. Further, leadership strategies will be augmented in order that the workplace become engaging, innovative, invigorating and inclusive for all organizational members, regardless of cultural background.

Cultural Candor is an experienced global leader in providing customized cross-cultural training programs pertinent to the individual needs and goals of our clients.

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