The United States is becoming an ever-increasingly more diverse nation with the passage of time.  Currently in the USA, children five years of age and under are now minority majority.  As these children begin to enter our school systems, teachers will encounter an unprecedented level of diversity within their formally white majority classrooms.

Diversity in the classroom offers an array of benefits, for both the teacher and the students.  Teachers can capitalize upon the unique multicultural experiences of students and use them as a learning tool for all of their pupils.  Students gain an insight into cultural backgrounds that they may not otherwise be exposed to through their daily familial lives.

In order to fully make the most of culture diversity in the classroom, cultural diversity training for teachers is often suggested.  Culturally competent teachers are able to utilize specific methods of teaching dependent upon the cultural background from which a student comes, while also possessing the ability to navigate through these different cultures seamlessly.
Cultural Candor Cultural Diversity Training for Teachers
Additionally, cultural diversity training for teachers also enables educators to instruct a classroom in its entirety while accounting for different means in which culturally diverse students both obtain and process information.  Multicultural classrooms must utilize varying means of communication, both verbal and non-verbal, discipline and instruction.  Furthermore, culturally based gender roles and religious backgrounds can have a significant impact on the value a child places on both his education and his educator.  Lastly, cultural background may also significantly influence the type of educational assistance a child receives in her home environment.

Cultural diversity training for teachers can arm educators with the tools necessary to navigate these highly complex, yet rewarding multicultural classrooms.  There are multiple, intricate levels of non-tangible factors that greatly influence the success of diversity in the classroom.  Educators who are able to both understand and properly navigate these factors can greatly profit from the vast richness a multicultural education environment can offer.

Cultural Candor proudly assists educators in learning how to become an effective instructor inside a multicultural classroom.

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