When relocating employees abroad for a new assignment, many companies are now beginning to understand the need for cross-cultural training. Companies recognize and appreciate the wealth of benefits that cross-cultural training provides to not only the expatriates themselves, but also the companies for which they work. Once cross-cultural training is given, many companies can expect to see a 25% decrease in the early return rate of expatriates, saving hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of invested dollars.

While some companies are now providing cross-cultural training to the respective spouses of those employees that will be relocated abroad with their families, many companies continue to overlook the importance of providing cross-cultural training to the children of these internationally relocating employees as well. Though children can be extremely adaptable to changes in their environments and ways of life, they can also be negatively affected when cultural changes are thrust upon them with no prior exposure. Oftentimes, these negative experiences of the children are enough to cause expatriate parents to return home early for the sake of the well-being of the family.
Therefore, the importance of cross-cultural training for children cannot be stressed enough. Children must undergo cross-cultural training that is specifically tailored to their needs, home culture, end culture, age and learning style. Cross-cultural training for children must be fully catered to the unique proximal zone of each individual child thus allowing the child to reach the height of success in his or her efficacious cultural emersion.

Cultural Candor offers specialized cross-cultural training for children. We customize each of our programs ensuring the needs of the child are fully understood, explored and addressed. Children who complete our age-appropriate cross-cultural training programs thrive in their new cultures with a cohesive, confident understanding of the world around them and how they can successfully and happily function within it. We utilize a variety of fun, “hands-on” methods to teach our children about their new cultures so that their experiences with us are always entraining, memorable and effective.

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