As businesses become increasingly more global, the importance of ensuring employees undergo proper, effective cross-cultural training increases dramatically. Yet, this can sometimes be difficult to achieve when numerous employees are scattered across the world. Logistical problems and the expense of relocating all employees to be trained to one common location can, oftentimes, be nearly impossible to rationalize. Yet, there is a relatively simple solution. Virtual cross-cultural training allows global employees to come together in a virtual environment to receive ever important cross-cultural awareness training.
Cross-Cultural Training- Cultural Candor
Virtual cross-cultural training normally comes in two forms; customized and non-customized. Customized options allow for a deep analysis of a client’s needs, goals, and desired end results. The training is then specifically designed to account for the findings of this analysis to ensure that all objectives are met. This option is normally chosen by companies or organizations that can greatly benefit from their specific objectives of virtual cross-cultural training, such as greater international negotiation success or higher profit margins.

Non-customized virtual training offers an “out of the box” solution to individuals desiring to increase their overall cultural intelligence. This form of training usually offers modules that have been found to be the most necessary and effective for a streamlined, time-limited, virtual course. These trainings are usually open the general public and can be beneficial to those of all ages and career levels. These courses usually focus on basic aspects of cultural awareness such as communication, geographic cultural overviews, and high versus low context cultures. These virtual cross-cultural training classes are great for those just beginning to delve into culture awareness or anyone else that could use a cultural refresher course.

Cultural Candor offers both customized and non-customized virtual training options. These programs are entertaining, informative, and thoroughly enjoyable!

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