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Welcome to Cultural Candor’s cultural awareness quiz. This quiz presents you with 15 basic questions pertaining to many cultures around the world. Once you complete the cultural competency quiz, your score will be assessed. Good luck!

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Welcome to Cultural Candor's Cultural Awareness Quiz.



In which continent should one never touch the head of another person, especially children?
In which country is a powerful handshake between men extremely important?
Where is it considered extremely offensive to chew gum in public?
In which country is name’s sakes day more important than a birthday, and should never be forgotten?
Where is it most important to accept a business card with the utmost respect?
In which country is it considered lewd behavior to smile at a stranger?
Where is tipping considered extremely offensive?
In which country is it best to avoid using the left hand?
Where is it considered rude to finish all the food on one’s plate?
Where should you always remember to say hello or risk coming across as rude?
In which country should a vehicle’s horn only be used in an emergency?
Where is the act of a woman greeting a man considered immoral?
In which country should the “okay” sign never be used?
Where should you not eat in public spaces, other than restaurants?
In which part of the world should the soles of one’s feet never be shown?

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