Cultural Competence Training by Cultural Candor

Cultural Candor provides our customers with the knowledge, skills, and abilities that are imperative within a culturally diverse and constantly evolving workforce. As the world’s leading provider of cultural awareness training and consulting solutions, Cultural Candor helps the leaders of today and tomorrow perform more effectively inside of a multicultural environment.

Our customized cultural competency training programs result in the ability to navigate cross-cultural intricacies with success. These trainings provide employees with crucial communication, relationship building, and problem-solving skills all of which are major determinants of success in global business. Our intercultural awareness training is also beneficial to expatriates who must understand and excel within an array of different cultural interactions.

Mastering cultural diversity helps organizations ensure efficiency of all functions ranging from sales and technology to support and services. Team cohesiveness is also a result of our training methods thus giving organizations the necessary leverage to adjust to the rapidly expanding and changing global marketplace.

Cultural Candor works with companies operating in the business, industry, and educational sectors to increase effectiveness when:

  • Working as part of a multicultural team
  • Transitioning or expanding into new countries and cultures
  • Developing aptitude for global leadership, and
  • More.

A Comprehensive Service Assisting A Range Of Cultures and Sectors

Unlike other training firms, the highly experienced experts at Cultural Candor work closely with clients to fully understand their needs and goals. Using this information, a tailored training solution is constructed. This creates a workforce that is conscious of the importance of cultural diversity and able to function effectively within it.

Our inter-cultural and cultural competence training programs are available worldwide, both online and in-person. The custom-made curriculum guides students through a multitude of probable cross-cultural situations and dialogues while presenting them with the information necessary to excel within these, and other, cross-cultural situations.

To learn more about our training programs, please write [email protected] or call 888-232-8566.